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Direct access to the most influential minds in the region Through AMC, you gain direct access to decision makers, the Governors of Arizona and Sonora, key politicians, state government officials, municipal and private industry leaders who have the capability to influence and enact change.

A voice to influence policy and shape future growth Through the thirteen binational committees, members fearlessly tackle complex international and multi-agency issues, acting as citizen diplomats. They express their opinions and are heard. They contribute their unique knowledge and experience to influence policy and shape future growth of Arizona and the region.

Partnerships and connections to the region’s achievers AMC networking reaches light years beyond the typical business world’s “meet and greet.” These connections often lead to lasting relationships that result in mutually beneficial working partnerships. In fact, AMC Plenary Sessions provide a venue where members naturally and spontaneously connect with other members to overcome business and community challenges, explore solutions and create new programs for social change.


AMC PlenaryThere is no other public-private entity with the capacity to develop collaborative solutions for the combined region of Sonora and Arizona.

By providing a forum for sustained and civil conversation, relevant and critical issues get a thorough review from multiple perspectives. Nothing is pushed or rushed. In fact, implementation of ideas proposed through AMC committees has led to local and national solutions that could not have been solved by any other means. The solutions are pragmatic and real.

AMC focuses on economic development, quality of life and the dynamics of an international border. AMC understands that regional vitality leads to higher living standards, a robust economy, safe and healthy environments, and sufficient infrastructure to accommodate the people of the region.

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