To pursue energy management planning in the Arizona-Sonora region that emphasizes collaboration on programs for the advancement of economic, social and environmental benefits of both states, and that arise from constructive solutions to shared energy supply issues.

How To Get Involved

By serving on the Energy Committee, you can participate in grassroots policy development, exchange ideas and information through cross-border communication and collaboration, and contribute to the implementation and advancement of cross-border projects. Contact your co-chairs today!

Arizona Co-Chairs

Director, Energy Office Energy Policy Advisor to Gov Brewer
Governor’s Office of Energy Policy
Rob TaylorRob Taylor
Senior Director, Regulatory Policy
Salt River Project

Sonoran Co-Chairs

JesusJesus Celaya Gortari
Director General
Comisión de Energía del Estado de Sonora
(662) 21-78-12
Alvaro Castro Knapp
212 42 20


Bi-National Electricity Transmission Opportunities for Arizona and Sonora White Paper
2012 Summer Plenary Session Presentations
2013 Summer Plenary Energy Declaration of Cooperation

AMC Grant Project

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Past Plenary Presentations

2014 Energy Committee Plenary Presentations