mapEmergency Management

Given the heightened need for cross-border coordination in preventing and responding to emergencies, the Emergency Management Committee was established in November 2003 to enhance emergency management throughout the Arizona-Sonora region.

How To Get Involved

By serving on the Emergency Management Committee, you can participate in grassroots policy development, exchange ideas and information through cross-border communication and collaboration, and contribute to the implementation and advancement of cross-border projects. Contact your co-chairs today!

Arizona Co-Chairs

Wendy Smith-ReeveWendy Smith-Reeve
Arizona Division of Emergency Management
(602) 464-6203
louieLouie Chaboya
C & C Emergency Response LLC

Sonoran Co-Chairs

Ing. Carlos Jesus Arias
Encargado de despacho
Unidad Estatal de Proteccion Civil
albertoAlberto Hernandez Lohr
Servicio el Keno, S.A. de C.V.