Individuals, institutions and companies engaged in the business of supplying and processing agricultural and livestock products and commodities, and individuals involved in buying, selling and supplying of services to the agribusiness industry. The Committee also promotes collaborations among individuals, agencies, and organizations on wildlife research and management collaborations to enhance ecosystem health, provide recreational activities, and generate important revenues for local economies.

How To Get Involved

By serving on the Agribusiness & Wildlife Committee, you can participate in grassroots policy development, exchange ideas and information through cross-border communication and collaboration, and contribute to the implementation and advancement of cross-border projects. Contact your co-chairs today!

Arizona Co-Chairs

Jack PetersonJack Peterson
Arizona Department of Agriculture
(602) 542-0997
Chris UdallChris Udall
Executive Director
Agribusiness & Water Council of Arizona, Inc.

Sonoran Co-Chairs

hectorHector Ortiz Ciscomani
(662) 217-28-25
Lic. German Bleizzefer Vega
Subsecretario de Agricultura

Ing. Sergio Garibay Olachea
Subsecretario de Ganaderia

AMC Grant Project

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