Border Communities Roadmap

The Border Communities Roadmap is a collaborative agency effort between the Arizona-Mexico Commission, Arizona Department of Transportation, Arizona Office of Tourism, and Arizona Commerce Authority.  The Project’s mission is to identify, prioritize, and advance policy and strategic action resulting in a roadmap for developing a thriving Arizona border region.

Former Governor Janice Brewer stated,” Border Region development will naturally require collaboration with local communities to ensure that growth maximizes trade and minimizes negative impacts on affected communities.  Border Region Roadmapping is an essential tool for these border communities in their long-term planning and economic strategy.  The Roadmap will identify the advantages of Arizona’s border communities in order to position the region competitively with communities in Texas and California, thus capturing and growing our share of cross-border trade and investment.  Expanding the capacity of our commercial ports of entry, the connectivity through our enhanced corridor system, and a focused trade and transportation strategy for Arizona will foster job creation and attract new business and investment.”

Border Communities Roadmap

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Border Community Highlights

Nogales Gets It Right
Nogales: The Port of The Future Is Here Now

Fact Sheet

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Border Community Visits Summary Report

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Participants of the Border Communities Roadmap:

  • Arizona-Mexico Commission
  • Arizona Commerce Authority
  • Arizona Department of Transportation
  • Arizona Office of Tourism
  • Peggy Fiandaca

For more Information, contact:

Karin Jimenez
Arizona-Mexico Commission
Phone: (602) 542-1358
Peggy Fiandaca (Consultant)
Partners for Strategic Action, Inc.
Phone: (480) 816-1811