Border Communities

Arizona’s border communities are the gateways for the flow of trade and tourism to and from the state of Arizona.

Arizona’s port of entry system is comprised of six border cities: San Luis, Lukeville, Sasabe, Nogales, Naco, and Douglas.  Together, they are the gateway for $26 billion worth of trade flowing through the ports, including $6 billion of Arizona’s Exports to Mexico and $6 billion of Arizona’s imports from Mexico.

These border communities are some of the most disadvantaged in the state, having high unemployment rates and high poverty levels.  They are also unique in that their official populations are less than 25,000, yet the daily population doubles due to the amount of border crossings into the Arizona cities.  In January 2012, a Border Communities Economic Opportunity Session was held, resulting in the development of an economic development strategy for the border towns.  The AMC, in collaboration with other state agencies, is working with the communities to advance the topics addressed by the communities as being high priority for the border region.  A summary report of the January 2012 session can be found HERE.

To learn more about each border community, click on the border cities on the map below: